Discover how your audience, employees or organization can immediately improve their personal safety.  Online and offline threats dominate the headlines on a daily basis and affect everyone.

    Pete Canavan can address a variety of personal and public safety topics that are interesting and informative. He trains the general public, students, businesses, law enforcement, public safety officers, corrections officers, and military personnel.

    • Author, Speaker, Consultant & Instructor
    • IT Consultant & Network Security Specialist (20+ years experience)
    • Martial Arts Master & Self-Defense Instructor (20+ years experience)

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    Pete Canavan - at The Woodlands Inn & Resort, Wilkes-Barre, PA

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    Check out Pete's latest book - The Ultimate Guide to College Safety

    College students and their parents used to worry about getting good grades, finding a job after graduation and whether or not they would be living at home after college. However, in recent years the primary concern has been ensuring that students stay safe at college while they are away from home.

    There are many safety challenges facing today's students. This book addresses these topics including bullying & cyber-bullying, alcohol responsibility, credit card and ATM safety, dorm room security, personal boundaries, sexual and physical assault, terrorism, active shooters and personal safety both on and off-campus.

    In addition to the obvious threats to personal safety, the book contains important information about how to build confidence, maintain the proper attitude, and build various other skills to ensure success both in college and in life.

    Check out The Ultimate Guide to College Safety today!


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