Corrections Officer Knife Attack Survival Guide: Self-Defense Training Course

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Dealing with knives and improvised edged weapons is a fact of life for corrections officers, security guards, police officers, campus public safety officers and other security professionals.

However, correctional officers and other professionals are not the only ones in need of this training.

Concerned citizens need to know how to deal with this lethal threat as well.  This guide is available from Amazon and is a perfect complement to your personal safety education and training.

This comprehensive guide covers edged weapon attacks from every angle – front and rear, above and below.  Thrusts, slashes, stabs, “ice pick” style and even “sewing machine” type attacks are addressed.  These defenses have been compiled from a wide range of sources including knife attacks experienced from those on the street, in the military and in jail.  They have been created using real-world situations where failure can mean serious bodily injury (SBI) or death.

In addition, they have been tested by officers wearing body armor and boots as well as duty belts full of gear.  Large motor movements are emphasized and fine motor skills are limited so that the techniques function when you are constricted – either by work-related gear, or simply as a civilian wearing a bulky winter coat.  Of course, they work equally well if you are simply wearing shorts and a t-shirt.

Get the Corrections Officer Knife Survival Self-Defense Training Course today and immediately improve your personal safety – as a professional or as a civilian.  Knife attacks are on the rise – act now!