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The world we live in can be a dangerous place as threats from thieves, burglars, rapists, active shooters and terrorists become daily news and exist all around us wherever we go.  Threats from the online world and the offline world lurk around every real and virtual corner.

One way to bring awareness to this problem is through educating the public through media interviews and other forms of communication.  Your audience will immediately learn usable information that will keep them safer no matter where they go after reading your article or listening / watching our segment.  Physical self-defense lends itself well to visual media, so television segments are ideal for this.  However, there is a lot to personal safety that is simply information-based, and both radio are print are perfect ways to get this message out to the masses.

Pete has been interviewed on many stations and continues to get the word out about personal safety and how to be “armed with awareness™” as well as how to develop the “warrior mindset.”

The following is a sampling of prior interviews. Contact Pete to have him on your show and help your audience stay safe!

Your personal safety and well being is threatened too often to ignore.

  • Pete Canavan - Media Kit
    Pete Canavan - Media Kit

    The media kit contains target market demographics, summary of Pete's "Self-Defense Survival Guide" book and "Ultimate Guide to College Safety" book, social media and web site statistics, press releases, book reviews, author bio, links to author and book cover images, and Q&A topics for interviews with links to YouTube videos of Pete answering the questions.

  • Pete Canavan One Sheet - General Self-Defense
    Pete Canavan One Sheet - General Self-Defense

    This media one-sheet contains information on general self-defense topics of interest including how to avoid conflict, mental preparation, and specific strategies for staying safe among other topics and story ideas for your audience. Timely tie-ins are also included for things that can be discussed during certain times of the year.

  • Pete Canavan One Sheet - College Safety
    Pete Canavan One Sheet - College Safety

    This media one-sheet contains information on college safety topics of interest including how to stay safe during an active shooter event, boosting confidence and attitude, how to discourage a rapist, mental tenacity, and specific strategies for staying safe on campus plus other topics and story ideas for your audience. Timely tie-ins are also included for things that can be discussed during certain times of the year.

Recent events occurring on college campuses are troubling to parents, who want nothing more than to keep their children safe while they are away from home.  Members of the media or book reviewers may request a copy of my latest book, “The Ultimate Guide to College Safety” by filling out this Contact form including your physical address and checking off “Review Copy.”  Check off any other areas of interest you may have as well before submitting the form and I will get back to you within 24-48 hours.

Pete Canavan is an Information Technology Consultant, Martial Arts Master and Self-Defense Instructor, Lethal Weapons Certified Agent, and Personal Safety Expert who has been teaching men, women and children how to effectively protect themselves for over 20 years through classes, seminars and group instruction.  His experience with online threats help his clients stay safe from cyber-threats that attack with increased frequency.

He has taken a problem facing many people (lack of time and money) and developed a system that combines off-line books and course material with on-line video instruction to create self-paced training so anyone regardless of experience (or lack of it) can immediately increase their personal safety and confidence while at the same time reduce worry and stress.

The following is a partial list of media interview and speech topics with others available on request.

  • "Armed With Awareness™" - How To Avoid Conflict Before It Starts
  • 7 Strategies For Staying Safe (On Campus)
  • The 5 Things In Every Woman's Purse That Can Help Ward Off An Attacker
  • The 3 Moves Every Woman Needs To Know That Can Save Their Life
  • Terrorism 911: How To Stay Safe During A Crisis
  • Active Shooter Safety: The 3 Critical Steps To Survival
  • The Warrior Mindset: How To Survive The Unthinkable With Proper Mental Preparation
  • How To Discourage A Rapist: 5 Crucial Things Every Woman Needs To Know
  • 5 Safety Mistakes Even Smart Students Make
  • Email Phishing Attacks: Don't Take the Bait
  • Safety Never Takes A Day Off
  • Cyber-Bullying: Taming The Digital Threat
  • Personal Safety Alarms and Apps
  • Don't Learn Safety By Accident
  • Keep Your College Student Safe Away From Home (So You Can Get Some Sleep At Night!)

Timely tie-ins include: National Stalking Awareness Month (Jan), Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month (Feb), Sexual Assault Awareness Month (Apr), National Safety Month (Jun), Back To School Safety Month (Aug), National Preparedness Month (Sept), National Bullying Prevention Month (Oct), trick-or-treating (Oct), vacation travel (summer, spring break, Thanksgiving), back to school (Aug and Sept), Realtor Safety Month (Sept), how to stay safe while holiday shopping (Dec)

Head over to the Contact page with your contact info and requirements. If you prefer to email me, send an email to media(at) and I'll get right back to you!